General Caster v2.2 is now available. Four new integrations to cast formula results into item name and auto-increment a Number column. Try it now!


What is General Caster?

General Caster is a app. It features a collection of powerful integrations aimed at giving more power to your boards and automating recurring workflows. already provides a Formula column, but it can't be to trigger additional workflows and populate dashboards data. General Caster merges the power of Microsoft Excel formulas with the usability of "real" columns.

Is pricing per-user or per-account?

Pricing is per-account. Monthly ops threshold is shared among all users in the same account.

Can I purchase a Pro plan for my Enterprise account?

Yes, you can. The number of users in the Pricing page is just for reference. For example you can freely purchase a Pro plan, suggested for a 50-user team, and use it in your 250-user account, as long as you stay below the monthly ops threshold.

Can I change plan?

You can change the plan whenever you want directly in the Monday Apps Marketplace.

I originally purchased a plan on your website. Why is the plan still listed as "Free" on the Apps Marketplace?

The Apps Marketplace shows only the plan purchased thru, so if you purchased a plan on our website, Apps Markeplace will keep showing it as "Free". You can check your actual usage of General Caster by visiting the Console page.

What's a formula and how do I create it?

A formula is an operation, a sequence of functions and logical operators. Providing some column values as input, General Caster calculates the result of your formula and casts it into a "real" column, getting rid of the now-useless and limited Formula column. General Caster supports the same syntax used in Microsoft Excel, so you won't be disoriented.

How are monthly ops counted?

An operation is triggered by an event. The event can be the creation of a new item or the change of a column value, you choose it when you add a new General Caster integration to your boards. Please, refer to official documentation for further details on triggers. Keep in mind that you could inadvertently create a loop adding two "when a column changes" integrations that trigger each other, reaching quickly and uselessly your monthly ops threshold. Choose wisely the fittest trigger and test your workflow before going live.

General Caster suddenly stopped working. How do I check what's wrong?

General Caster free and paid plans offer limited monthly ops thresholds. You probably reached 100% limit of your plan. General Caster sends a notification when you reach 90% and 100% limits. Visit the Console page to check your usage stats.

How do I check my usage stats?

Visit the Console page to check your usage stats. The page will display montly ops count, most active General Caster users in your account and recent formula errors.

How do I install General Caster v2?

If you have already installed General Caster v1, you probably won't see the new integrations introduced in v2. Just click here to install the new version.

What's new in General Caster v2?

New triggers and new integrations have been released in v2. Check this page to see what's new.

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