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General Caster uses the same syntax used in Microsoft Excel formulas.
Please refer to official Microsoft Excel documentation to know how to use functions.
Some Excel functions are currently not available in General Caster. Please visit this link to see all available functions.

Differences between General Caster and Formula column

Although Formula column syntax is similar to Excel syntax, there are some differences.

If you are converting all your formulas from Formula column to General Caster, you can't simply copy the formula from the column and paste it into the formula composer in General Caster.

In the Formula column, when you click on a column reference, {column_name} is added to the text. General Caster uses a slightly different reference, for example {item.column_id}. Just click on the corresponding column button at the bottom of formula composer in General Caster to get the correct column reference.

In addition, there are the following differences.

Formula function Corresponding General Caster function
ADD_DAYS Not available. Use DATEVALUE({}) + {item.number}
DIVIDE Not available. Use {item.number1} / {item.number2}
MINUS Not available. Use {item.number1} - {item.number2}
MULTIPLY Not available. Use {item.number1} * {item.number2}
SUBTRACT_DAYS Not available. Use DATEVALUE({}) - {item.number}

Useful functions when working with subitems and mirrored columns

General Caster supports subitems and mirrored summary columns. When linked to multiple items, values are retrieved as a string with format value+value+value. Use the following functions to parse the string.

Function Description
SUBITEMS.MIN or MIRROR.MIN Returns the lowest value from all the subitems or mirrored columns
SUBITEMS.MAX or MIRROR.MAX Returns the highest value from all the subitems or mirrored columns
SUBITEMS.COUNT or MIRROR.COUNT Returns the number of subitems or mirrored columns
SUBITEMS.SUM or MIRROR.SUM Returns the sum from all the subitems or mirrored columns
SUBITEMS.AVG or MIRROR.AVG Returns the average (arithmetic mean) from all the subitems or mirrored columns

Column values retrieved and casted by General Caster

You can treat most column and values retrieved and casted by General Caster as simple text or numbers. Columns with multiple values, like dropdowns, are returned as first_value+second_value+third_value. Columns with "rich" values, like locations, are returned as first_part:second_part:third_part.

Column Value Example
Checkbox Boolean value true if column is checked, false otherwise
Country ISO 2-letter Country code IT or US
Date ISO 8601 date 2013-02-08
Dropdown One or more labels separated by plus Red or Red+White+Green
Email Email address and displayed name separated by colon Inc.
File One or more file names separated by plus document.doc or document.doc+data.xls
Hour ISO 8601 time 17:30
Link Web address and displayed text separated by colon. Escape : occurences in the URL with \. or\:value:Monday link including \:
Location Latitude, longitude and displayed text separated by colon 45.438611:12.326667:Venice
Long Text Simple text Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
Mirror One or more item IDs separated by plus 69420 if only one item is linked or 69420+42069 if two items are linked
Number Simple numbers 420
People Couples of ID:type separated by plus 69420:person+42069:team
Phone Phone number and ISO 2-letter Country code separated by colon 42069420:US
Rating A number between 1 and the rating scale defined in the column 5
Status Status label Done
Tags One or more tag IDs separated by plus 69420 or 69420+42069
Team Team ID 69420
Text Simple text Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
Time Tracking (readonly) Time passed in seconds 15600 for 4 hours and 20 mins
Timeline Two ISO 8601 dates separated by plus 2013-02-08+2013-02-20
Week Two ISO 8601 dates separated by plus starting at the beginning of the week defined in your account and ending 7 days later 2013-02-08+2013-02-14
World Clock ISO timezone Europe/Rome

Cast result to mirrored column

As doesn't display mirror column in columns dropdown, use the dedicated "cast result to mirrored column" integration, that requires you to type the ID of the mirrored column.

Column Id

Column ID is displayed at the top of the menu that appears when you click on the green arrow beside column title.

If you don't see it, enable Column IDs displaying by following the steps below:

  1. Click on your Profile Icon on bottom left;
  2. Click on monday.labs menu;
  3. Activate Developer mode.

Error codes

If a formula cannot correctly evaluate a result, General Caster displays an error value, such as #DIV/0!, #NAME?, #NUM! and #VALUE!. Each error type has different causes, and different solutions.

Error Meaning Solution
#DIV/0! General Caster displays this error when a number is divided either by zero (0) or by a cell that contains no value. Add an error handler like IFERROR.
#NAME? This error is displayed when General Caster does not recognize text in a formula. For example, a range name or the name of a function may be spelled incorrectly. If you’re using a function, make sure the function name is spelled correctly.
#NUM! General Caster displays this error when a formula or function contains invalid numeric values. Check the value is a valid number.
#VALUE! General Caster can display this error if your formula includes cells that contain different data types. Convert data type before performing calculations. For example, use DATEVALUE to convert a string to a date.

Debug your formula

Before casting formula result into destination columns, temporary cast it into a Text column to make sure the value is in the right format.


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